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Glue Dots
Glue Dots - Superior to Hot Melt Adhesives and Double-Sided Tape Products

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Glue Dots are pressure-sensitive adhesives that form a clean, instant bond to a multitude of surfaces. Quick and easy to apply, Glue Dots leave no mess, no residue and no odor, so they're cleaner than double-sided tapes and liquid glues and safer than hot melt adhesives.

With five standard tack levels and three profiles to choose from, there is a Glue Dots adhesive for every packaging, printing or manufacturing project. Custom adhesive sizes, formulas, and configurations are also available.

Low and Medium Tack Glue Dots are considered a removable adhesive or fugitive glue. Depending upon substrates used, High Tack may be considered a removable or permanent adhesive. In most cases Super-High Tack Glue Dots are considered a permanent adhesive and will tear paper.

Low Profile Glue Dots are thin and used for bonding level items. Medium and High Profiles are used to create or bridge a gap between substrates.

As the strength of the bond is substrate dependent, we recommend testing be conducted to determine the proper tack level for your application and will supply FREE Product Samples and recommendations throughout the testing process.

Glue Dots work in a variety of packaging, printing and manufacturing industries and offer a number of adhesive dispensing solutions:
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