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Glue Doctor University
Ellsworth Adhesives' online educational resource for adhesive, sealant, conformal coating, encapsulant and dispensing applications, as well as curriculum on UV and LED curing technologies. Review and learn from our collection of case studies, application guides, presentations, webcasts and podcasts, all at your convenience!

Product Definitions
An overview and brief description of the various types of adhesives, conformal coatings, potting, encapsulants, sealants, tapes and dispensing equipment offered by Ellsworth Adhesives.

Reach Compliance
Learn more about REACH compliance - Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals.

Surface Preparation Guide
A guide to various situations, methods, techniques and materials to prepare surfaces for adhesion.

Joint Design Guide PDF
A guide to the advantage of structural adhesives over conventional fastening methods as well as several joint type and technique explanations.

Charts and Tables
A variety of charts and tables containing valuable technical information as well as conversion guides.

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