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White Papers
How To - Compensate for Assembly Material and Equipment Constraints in Your Process

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  Breakthrough Innovations in UV/Visible Light Curing Materials and Systems - High resolution -Acrobat PDF - 7MB

  Dow Corning - LED Materials & Solutions - High resolution - Powerpoint presentation - 10.5MB

  Dow Corning - LED Materials & Solutions - Low resolution, faster download - Adobe Acrobat PDF - 5.5MB

  The Glue Factory - Hot Melt Optimization - High resolution - PowerPoint presentation - 1.5MB


  Industrial Lighting Applications - 11:00 - Hosted audio link

  Structural Adhesives - 11:00 - Hosted audio link

  UV Applications - 16:26 - Hosted audio link

  Conformal Coatings - 8:50 - Hosted audio link

  Oxygen Inhibition - 7:03 - Hosted audio link

  Silicone Thermal Solutions - 12:34 - Hosted audio link

  Hot Melt for Packaging - 12:43 - Hosted audio link

Application Guides

  Dow Corning - Molykote lubricants - High resolution - Adobe Acrobat PDF - 5.0MB

  Dow Corning - Molykote lubricants - Low resolution, faster download - Adobe Acrobat PDF - 5.0MB

  The Glue Factory - Hot Melt Troubleshooting Guide - Low resolution, faster download - Adobe Acrobat PDF - 146KB

  Resinlab Epoxy Adhesive Performance Overview - Adobe Acrobat PDF - 168KB

  Resinlab Epoxy Encapsulant Performance Overview - Adobe Acrobat PDF - 172KB

Case Studies

  New Case Study! Download Structural Adhesives for Wind Turbines

  Dow Corning - Understanding non-thermal property impact on thermal performance - 267kb

  Dow Corning - Improve your ability to recommend the right thermal interface - 310kb

  Glue Dots - Dot Shot Pro - 160kb

  Glue Dots - AutoDot Pro - 140kb

  Glue Dots - SynchroDot Pro - 104kb
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