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Potential Delivery / Shipment Delays


Photo courtesy of: CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS


February 22nd 2021


To: Our Valued Customers and Business Partners


RE: COVID-19 Impact on Shipping



Dear Partners,


Ellsworth Adhesives is committed to serving our customers in these unprecedented times. We have taken many steps to protect our essential staff and keep an uninterrupted flow of supply. A crucial aspect of our ability to service our customers is transportation and freight.


Carrier networks have already been strained from the impacts of COVID-19 on their workers and operational hubs and as a result are not meeting delivery commitments. In fact, major carriers including FedEx and UPS have eliminated service guarantees.


Ellsworth Adhesives is processing orders normally without disruption. However, nearly all freight, parcel carriers and truckers are dealing with unprecedented demand that is expected to exceed carrier capacity starting in November 2020.


Due to national lockdown or skeleton workforce measures imposed by government worldwide, air freights remains to be challenging especially for the DG freights.


Movements of cargo via sea freight continue to be a challenge with shipment delays and congestion at ports/terminals across many locations. The container shortages, capacity imbalances and surging freight cost in the sea freight market have strongly increased. We expect the current challenges to continue throughout Q1 of 2021 until our further notification to you. We will cautiously monitor the situation onwards.


Ellsworth Adhesives continues to use all possible means to arrange timely delivery / shipments to our customers. However, there are certain external factors which are beyond our control, delivery / shipment may encounter delays as a result. We want to make sure you plan accordingly for potential delays in the carrier network and place orders to us in advance regarding the current challenging shipping situation.


We appreciate your understanding and will continue to offer our best services to you. Please feel free to contact your local Ellsworth Sales Representative or customer services if you have query.



Ellsworth Adhesives ,

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