Techspray manufactures chemical cleaners, defluxers, and anti-static solutions for electronic care. Techspray is a leading supplier of static control materials, adhesives, conformal coatings, dusters and cleaners for electronic assemblies. These quality products have been tested and proven to enhance productivity, develop eco-friendly solutions, and to withstand harsh soldering conditions.

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  • Techspray Notice - Duster Restriction for California Customers
The Glue Doctor®

Ellsworth Adhesives specializes in working with industrial customers on engineered assembly processes. The Glue Doctor®, a registered trademark of Ellsworth Adhesives, represents our unique capabilities for helping customers find the right assembly solution for their business. Our Engineering Sales Representatives and inside Technical Service group, our Glue Doctors®, work together with industry leading material and equipment suppliers and YOU to develop an assembly process that meets your needs.

We are able to provide

• Material meeting your specific needs
• Equipment meeting your specific needs
• Product testing
• Customized formulations

The Glue Doctor® is your

• Strategic partner
• Problem analysis engineer
• Information base
• Solutions provider
• Process analysis engineer