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Ellsworth Adhesives is dedicated to providing valuable services that help our customers with their product selection process. With over 40 years of industry experience, Ellsworth Adhesives specializes in product formulation, custom packaging, documentation, inventory management, and more. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our customers and to provide solutions for any application requirement.
  • Ask the Glue Doctor®

    The Glue Doctor® helps customers with product and equipment selection for process optimization.

  • Certification and Documentation Control

    Ellsworth Adhesives is committed to providing customers with accurate, up-to-date documentations.

  • Custom Formulation

    In partnership with ResinLab and The Glue Factory, Ellsworth Adhesives creates custom formulations for product development.

  • Custom Labeling and Documentation

    Ellsworth Adhesives provides custom labeling and manufacturer documentation to help manage inventory.

  • Custom Packaging

    KitPackers, an Ellsworth Adhesive company, offers custom packaging for a variety of materials.

  • Electronic Overmolding Services

    Ellsworth Adhesives provides low pressure molding, contract manufacturing services.

  • Protective Outer Packaging

    Ellsworth Adhesives has developed durable outer packaging that protects product during transit.